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     Hello! Welcome to the online home of On The Road Again Farm. Our family has been breeding, showing and milking delightful dairy goats since 2009.

     It all started out as a 4-H project with an Oberhasli doe named Oodles. In 2010, we expanded and added Alpines to the mix. Alpine and Oberhasli dairy goats are all around great creatures and the perfect fit for our enterprise.  Today, our milking herd averages between 6-8 does. We currently have 3 oberhasli bucks on the property. 


     The farm is located in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. (near Springfield and the CT border) We live in a suburban neighborhood in which zoning and space prohibit keeping goats, so our herd stays  on a nearby farm that we commute to twice a day to milk and feed.



     It would be a dream come true if we could move elsewhere and actually have our own goats in our own backyard! For now, we've got to work with what we have. We decided to call ourselves “On The Road Again Farm” because we don’t have our own farmland and well...seem to be constantly on the road! 

     Someday soon, we hope to be able to be able to construct the proper milking and processing facilities and obtain the required permits to be able to sell milk from the farm for human consumption. In the mean time, we've been focusing on goat milk soap production. We've worked hard over the past 7 + years perfecting our soap recipe and we have a wide selection available for a wide range of personal tastes. An updated web store will be available soon.

    Thanks for stopping by. Please contact us directly if you have any further questions about our farm or products! 


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